, Document Management


Document Management is still a challenge in many companies and it can be difficult to find a shared platform for document editing at the same time by different users. Many FileShares are not very user-friendly and require different logins, other interfaces and a lot of other obstacles that can easily be avoided with document management on SharePoint and Office 365.

Blue Dock has migrated documents for many companies from their FileShares to a SharePoint document management solution. Increased security and efficiency are just some of the benefits your business will experience with document management on SharePoint and Office 365.

, Document Management
, Document Management


With a new system for document handling on SharePoint and Office 365, you will ensure a user-friendly experience. The users can continue to work with documents in Office 365 and such, there are no changes in the interface.

Among other things, it will be possible to co-author a document that automatically saves the latest changes from all users at the same time without having to change the way employees work.

Additionally, it is possible to save files online so that you always have access to your documents on all platforms and we do not require users to tag their documents or work differently in any way.

</blockquote>The users work on the same platform as earlier but become more user-friendly the efficiency and security increases, and your company saves money.</blockquote>


We can easily migrate documents from your current FileShare to Sharepoint using our specially designed system that migrates data while working to ensure an easy and painless data migration. Such, from day to day, you can optimize your way of handling documents internally in the company for a more secure and effective way.

Naturally, we do test migrations to ensure an easy process with no surprises. We handle the process all the way and guarantee a painless migration.

, Document Management
, Document Management


It is often very expensive and time-consuming to maintain systems in-house for document management. Therefore, we often see that a document management system on Sharepoint and Office 365 is an investment that pays for itself within just 6 months, including licenses for Microsoft.
In addition, there is virtually unlimited amount of data space.


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