International Media Support – Case and contract management

International Media Support (IMS) now has a complete case and contract management system on SharePoint and Office 365, developed by Blue Dock.

The company has now digitized virtually all their processes regarding grants, funds, contracts and collaborators worldwide can access all data online.The solution is 100% reponsive, so it works on all platforms, allowing users to access the platform from any device they may want.

The new ESDH (Electronic Case and Document Handling) is built on SharePoint and Office 365 to ensure, among other things, a user-friendly solution that requires very little IT experience to use. In addition, IMS needed a solution that could support their large amount of data, which should be honored, and with SharePoint, there is virtually unlimited use of data.

he solution binds all the branches of the company together in one place; Contacts, grants, fundraising, follow-ups, key persons and all relevant material have been collected in one single digital solution.

IMS’s new handling system has given the company increased efficiency and communication globally as well as contributing to a more transparent and accessible system where information is easily accessible.



Who is IMS

International Media Support (IMS) is a nonprofit organization that works to support local media in countries affected by armed conflicts, authoritarian governance and political transition. Across four continents, IMS helps to promote freedom of the press, enhance professional journalism and ensure that the media can function under challenging conditions.

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