Network of Music Partners – new intranet

new intranet, Network of Music Partners – new intranet

Network of Music Partners (NMP) has a new intranet developed on SharePoint and Office 365 by Blue Dock.

NMP’s goal of the new intranet was to streamline the workflow and communication among employees in the company.

The front page contains the main news for each user and there is easy access to relevant folders, news, and documents from the front page, to keep the focus on usability. There is a menu on the left side of the intranet with access to shortcuts that users can manage easily and effectively.

All subpages are very easy to edit, requiring virtually no technical skills. Whether users want to create groups, edit text, add photos or anything else, the layout is very user-friendly and requires only very basic IT experience.

An Intranet on SharePoint and Office 365 offers a very user-friendly platform and we often work with one-page intranets. Here the user can access the most important information from the front page and open documents and news in pop-ups. This means that users avoid having to navigate on subpages.

The solution is naturally responsive so it can be accessed on all platforms.

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Who is NMP?

Network of Music Partners is a company that aims to support talents in the music industry in terms of ensuring the rights to their material. NMP has offices in both Denmark and England.

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